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  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Zhongsheng is the eminent supplier of instant noodle production line. Grounded on over 20-year experience of import and export trading, we are capable of providing complete instant noodle manufacture equipment at more lucrative price.

  • Service and Customer
  • Zhongsheng is the professional importer and exporter of grains, oils as well as grain and oil product equipment. For over 20 years, we have been striving to provide quality ensured food products to customers all over the world.

  • Agricultural Commodity
  • Zhongsheng is the Chinese specialized grain exporter and importer as well as cereal importer and exporter. Our main product range covers corn, wheat flour, wheat and oats, etc. These food materials have been widely utilized as human food products and feeds for livestock.

    1. Corn

      Grounded on decades of experience in sales of corn, Zhongcheng has emerged as the reliable importer and exporter of high-quality Zea mays from Brazil, Ukraine and India, etc.

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    1. Ukrainian Wheat Flour

      We are the importer and exporter of Ukrainian wheat flour including extra grade, first grade, second grade, type M55-23 and type M75-23. These food materials are endowed with outstanding quality.

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    1. Crude Sunflower Oil

      Crude sunflower oil is the raw vegetable oil extracted from sunflower seeds. Refining is the most commonly process to manufacture refined oil.

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    1. Palm Oil

      Its free fatty acid content is less than 0.1%, moisture and impurity content is less than 0.1%, cloud point is 24C, and its quality meets international standards.

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    1. Sesame Seed

      Located in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China, we have been engaged in import and export of sesame seed for 5 years, as well as grain and oil for over 20 years.

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    1. Soybean

      Our soybean oilseed has been sold to China,East Asia and the Middle East, etc. The staggering export volume reaches over 20,000 tons each year.

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    1. Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

      In the interests of various customer needs, some parts of our fried instant noodle production line are allowed to be modified so that fitting specific food production requirements.

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    1. Sunflower Seed Dehulling & Separating Equipment

      These two sunflower seed processing equipment are ruggedly designed to dehull, separate and clean sunflower seeds to remove impurities such as heavy debris, dockage, kernel-like impurities and empty seeds, etc.

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    1. Soybean Dehulling & Separating Equipment

      Our soybean dehulling and separating equipment is regarded as the professional bean husking machine. This kind of bean processing equipment is expected to perform dehulling, husk separation and kernel separ ation. Therefore, our food processing machine is highly recommended for soybean dehulling and separating.

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